We have A LOT to be thankful for!

We are thankful…


“… for MØ and all of her creations, especially Lean On. I have the words ‘blow a kiss, fire a gun’ in neon lights as my Facebook cover photo. I’m thankful for the calm before the storm in the Pemby Fest campgrounds. Also, I am blessed to share a work space with Ashley, the other half of my brain, and our dates to St. Joe’s where all she does is take selfies.”

 – Michelle, Marketing Coordinator


“…for my spirit animal, Britney Spears getting through 2007. I’m thankful for Pizza Delicious and rusty rainbow park days. I’m thankful for my sunglasses that exactly match the Berry LaCroix can. And all the days of the year, I am thankful for my work wife, Michelle.”

-Ashley, Marketing Coordinator


“…for the first sip of an ice cold LaCroix on a morning after drinking, dustbusters, the fact that I can wear t-shirts to work, White Denim, New Orleans: the greatest city in the world, and the fact that I get to live there, George (& the rest of my coworkers), Uber, Lodge Cast Iron Skillets, those sun-blocking foldy things on the ceiling of the car by the windshield, the new Tribe Called Quest album, City Park, the city-wide smoking ban in bars, zip ties, Taceaux Loceaux, Dollar Shave Club products, the smell of a freshly-opened can of tennis balls, White denim, the recent Apple Music re-design, New Balances (obv), August’s jambalaya, blackout curtains, George Harrison solo albums, fresh cilantro, track 13 of the new Phish album entitled “Petrichor,” anything flannel, percussion instruments, Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning, recycling, the smell of cedar wood, the key of A Major, iced coffee (especially from French Truck), old school calculators.”

-Nigel, Creative and Merchandise Manager


“…that we get to make people happy. We are in the business of creating memories, friendships and traditions … And that’s pretty darn cool.”

– Rachel, Marketing Director

“….for 24/7 open container law, Real Housewives franchise, Tulane Classifieds, Netflix/Hulu, our chill work environment, Kanye West’s mid-life crisis, working in a pet-friendly building, Spotify & Pandora, Venmo, and the many shows I’ve been able to go to since working in the music industry!”

– Edward, Tour Marketing Coordinator


“…for Fall finally being here, being able to bike to work, an ice cold pint & a shot of bourbon, pizza & fried chicken, our new office turtles, being able to have windows open all day, and the excitement of opening a package you forgot about ordering.”

– Max, Graphic Design Coordinator

“…for the sweet gear Nigel gives us for each festival, 4 o’clock Fridays, and George”

– Alex, Staff Accountant


“…for random people I see wearing our festival merch, the city of New Orleans for being the most amazing place on earth, Tortuga for getting me to like country music, any naps I can squeeze into my life, Blue Oak BBQ, and the ability to travel around North America throwing giant parties.”

– Mike, Marketing Director

Of course, we are grateful for you, the fans who show your support at our countless shows, and breath-taking festivals! To stay up to date with all things HUKA, sign up for our newsletter here.