HUKA Internships

Available Internships:

See a list of available internships for Summer 2017 below.  Click for more information on each.

If you feel you fit the qualifications for more than one available internship position, you can apply to more than one.


Do you have a love for music, concerts, and festivals? If so, you might be the perfect candidate for HUKA Entertainment’s Internship Program! We’re seeking highly motivated individuals who are eager to gain first hand experience in entertainment production and promotion. HUKA Entertainment provides a unique opportunity to its interns where they can be entirely immersed in the planning process for Pemberton Music Festival, Tortuga Music Festival , BUKU Music + Arts Project, as well as our growing concerts and touring division! Best of all, you’ll be working in New Orleans — the only city where music is not just present, it’s a way of life.



Sami, Summer 2016 intern:

Throughout my Marketing Internship experience at HUKA Entertainment I was able to establish and enhance many valuable skills that will help further my career in the entertainment industry. Not only was I given tasks that tested both my creativity and time-management skills, I was pushed to create relevant content and to fully apply myself to every task I was given. I have been able to form relationships with the staff, who are all incredible to work with, and I am incredibly grateful to have been able to participate in such a unique experience. I have also gained a ton of insight regarding what it truly takes to run a successful marketing campaign through hands-on experiences and the responsibilities given to me by HUKA. Overall, my time with HUKA Entertainment was well spent and I will always cherish all the knowledge and experience I have gained during my time with them!

Jenna, Summer 2016 intern:

To say that my experience as an intern at HUKA Entertainment was the best opportunity I could have wished for is an understatement. I found my internship responsibilities exciting, stimulating, and most of all rewarding, as my generated content was fully utilized by HUKA on various social media accounts and websites. In the process of completing my various tasks and projects, I developed invaluable skills that have greatly prepared me for proceeding professional opportunities. I am so grateful to have been both an intern and a member of the HUKA team!